What Division will my Child play?

Ages 4-6 = Tee Ball

Baseball’s version of miniature golf!  This consists of learning positions (Coach?  Where is left field?), playing basic catch, swinging the bat, and the concept of teamwork.

Ages 7 & Under = Rookies (Machine Pitch)

Machine pitch is the next step in player development.  At this point, catchers are in full gear and players further develop an understanding of the game.

Ages 8 & Under = Farm (Machine/Player Pitch)

At this age, we introduce base stealing. Leadoffs are not allowed. The first half of the season will consist of machine pitching. In the second half, we introduce player pitching with coach assistance.

Ages 9-10 = Minors (9s or 10s)

9-10 are two different leagues, however with noticeable development of player skills and knowledge!  As players mature, their control and general skills dramatically improve.  Leadoffs are still not allowed however, the speed of play will have increased.

Ages 11-12 = Majors (11s or 12s)

In these last two divisions leadoffs are allowed, along with pick-off plays. Skills and development have dramatically improved!  This will be their last stop with BCR before playing for their Middle School.

Ages 13-15 (7th & 8th Grade) = Prep

Real Baseball on a Major League size diamond!  This is the first year we have offered this division.  This will bridge the gap between little league and High School baseball.  It is open to both 7th and 8th grade Middle School players.

A player’s “league age” is determined by their age on April 30th of that year!

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