Frequently Answered Questions

Q: When are practices held?
A: Practices are determined by the teams Head Coach. Teams typically practice 1 to 2 times a week during our Spring Season. During Fall, some teams may or may not practice due to conflicting times with Soccer.

Q: When are games played during your Spring Season?
A: All teams, except Tee Ball, play games on Monday thru Saturday (teams typically play 2 games per week, although this is not guaranteed). An example schedule might have 1 evening game on Tuesday and 1 day game on Saturday. In rare occurrences, 2 Saturday games may be played. Tee Ball plays 1 game a week on Saturdays only.

Q: When are games played during your Fall Season?
A: All games are played on Sundays.

Q: I am interested in coaching my child’s team. Who should I contact?
A: Our registration form has a section to indicate your interest in being a head coach, assistant coach, team mom or a league volunteer.

Q: When is the last day to register?
A: This date changes each season. Please click here for details regarding our current season.

Q: Can I choose my child’s coach / team?
A: Our registration form has a section to indicate any specific request in this regard. While we make reasonable efforts to honor these requests, we cannot guarantee them.
PLEASE NOTE: 9 thru 12 yr olds [Minors and Majors] are selected via draft, therefore these requests are not accepted.

Q: I live out of your District. Can I still register my child?
A: YES. Our league is open to all youth regardless of where you live or attend school.

Q: I am unable to pay the entire registration fee before the final registration date. Do you allow some type of payment plan?
A: Yes (in some situations). Please contact the league President to explore this option.

Q: What is included with the Registration fee for your Spring Season?
A: Tee Ball, Rookies & Farm – Jersey, Pants, Belt, Socks, Hat.
Minors & Majors – Jersey, Hat, Belt, Socks.
Prep – Jersey, Hat.

Q: What is included with the Registration fee for your Fall Season?
A: Shirt and Hat

Q: How many games do we play during your Spring Season?
A: Tee Ball – approx 8 games, played on Saturdays.
Rookies & Farm – approx 12 games, played Monday thru Saturday.
Minors & Majors – approx 12 games plus the playoffs.
Prep – approx 15 games.
All games are subject to rain out. We will attempt to the make up all game rains out, dependent upon time.

Q: How many games do we play during your Fall Season?
A: 8

Q: Are there Evaluations (Try Outs)?
A: Yes we do hold an evaluation for Minors and Majors during for our Spring Season – we do not for Fall Ball. The evaluation is so that all coaches have an opportunity to evaluate players prior to the draft. Our intent is to have as much parity as possible between all of our teams.  All players registered prior to the evaluation will be placed on a Minors or Majors team.

Q: Which age groups are required to attend the evaluation?
A: 9 thru 12 year old divisions, [Minors & Majors]

Q: Are all players required to attend the evaluation?
A: Yes, all players participating in the 9 thru 12 yr old division must attend.

Q: Can we request a specific coach or to play with a friend?
A: Yes, for Tee Ball, Rookies and Farm divisions. 9 thru 12 yr olds are selected to a team thru a draft, therefore these request are not honored.

Q: I or my child has had a bad experience with a specific coach or player. What can be done to insure my child is not placed with that coach or player?
A: This is an unfortunate situation that occurs on occasion. If you have a specific issue such as this please contact the league president to discuss the issue and what can be done to address it and/or insure your child is placed on a team that avoids conflict.

Q: Do Board members or Coaches get paid?
A: No. All Board Members and Coaches are Volunteers and are not compensated financially in any way.

Q: Who is responsible for the maintenance of the fields our children play on?
A: Bullard Cal Ripken is responsible for all field maintenance, mowing, etc year round.

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